unsolicited call to buy house

Unsolicited Call Or Text To Buy My House

You were going about your usual day and get a call or text from a random number asking if you’re interested in selling your house. Instantly you go in alert mode because you are not and it sounds like a scam. Homeowners are getting more and more of these calls and texts recently and trying … Continued

benefits of selling house for cash

Benefits Of Selling a House For Cash

Selling a house for cash has some great benefits you can take advantage of. Just remember that not all the cash home buyers are created equal. Some are legitimate, some are not, but if you work with the right one you can benefit greatly saving both time and money in the sale of your home.

cheapest way to sell a house

Cheapest Way To Sell A House

To figure out the cheapest way to sell a house you have to first figure out which home selling expenses you can reduce or cut altogether. In today’s economy, the homeowners that need to sell their house are focused on one thing. That one thing is cutting expenses when selling their home. Find out what you can do to sell your house the cheapest way possible and at the conclusion of this article, we will tell you how you can sell your house at no cost to you at all!

repair home before selling houston

Make These Repairs Before Selling Your Houston House

Unless your property is in perfectly immaculate condition repairs will come up when selling your [market_city] house. As a homeowner you will have to decide if to fix everything, somethings, or sell your house in as-is condition. Not an easy decision to make, accounting for all repair expenses and the return of investment of those repairs you choose to make can get complicated. Here is the repairs you should make before selling your Houston house…

why is my house not selling

Why Is My Houston House Not Selling?

Ideally selling your house should be a clean and smooth process that can leave a feeling of accomplishment when everything is said and done, but if you are wondering why your Houston house is not selling then there is definitely a reason you are having trouble. This frustration you are feeling with your house not … Continued

how to sell hoarder house

How To Help A Hoarder Sell Their Houston House

If a hoarder has a though time letting go of small personal items, how much do you think they will struggle letting go of their home? Helping a Houston hoarder with their situation is not an easy task, especially when they need to sell their house fast. Hoarding is a serious disorder that is only getting worse in the U.S. According to the American Psychological Association 2.5% of the population meets the diagnostic criteria for a hoarding disorder.

sell inherited houston house

Inherited Houston House? What To Do Now?

Sell, rent, or live in it. When a relative passes and you are the beneficiary of an inherited Houston home you are left with those three options. It can be overwhelming to think about, especially if you were not expecting it. The best thing to do when you inherit a Houston home is to wait … Continued


Prayer To St. Joseph To Sell House Fast

The St. Joseph prayer to sell your house fast is believed to be very powerful in getting your house sold. With the St. Joseph prayer many families believe they have been able to sell their house in any condition even when they thought it would be impossible to be able to sell their home. This is how you can do the St. Joseph prayer to sell your home today.

how to terminate listing agreement

How To Terminate A Texas Realtor Listing Agreement

Is your real estate agent not working out? Sadly not all agents are created equal and you might find yourself working with an agent that just isn’t getting it done. This can cost you both time and money as your home sits on the market generating zero attention.

how to sell house to investor

How To Sell My House To An Investor

When selling your house you have 2 options, sell to a traditional buyer who is looking to move in, or sell to an investor who is looking to either flip or rent out the house. While the traditional buyer might offer more money for the house, selling to an investor will pocket you more cash … Continued

cant afford to sell houston house

Help! I Can’t Afford To Sell My Houston House!

Have you come to the realization that you can not afford to sell your Houston house? That is the reality many homeowners are facing when attempting to sell their Houston house fast. Even though it might seem like there are no solutions here is what you can do to sell your Houston area house fast. … Continued

can i sell my ugly house in houston

Can I Sell My Ugly Houston House?

Do you know your house is ugly and want to sell it? Selling your ugly Houston house currently seems like a daunting task. You are probably thinking “why would anyone want to buy this ugly house?” or “how am I going to show this house in its current condition?”. I understand those worries and can see why you would think that way but selling your ugly Houston house can be easier than you think.

texas divorce house

Who Keeps The House in a Texas Divorce?

Divorce was never the plan when you became engaged with your current spouse, but now you see yourself searching what happens to a house in a Texas divorce. Family is priority but you also need to address who keeps the house in a Texas divorce… Is Texas a Community Property State? Texas is a community … Continued

update my home

Should I Repair My Home Or Sell “As Is” in Houston

Selling your houses in Houston takes a lot of work, selling your house during this economic downturn takes even more work. A majority of the work is updating or repairing your Houston house before listing it on the market. Repairs will crucially affect the sale of your house. Should you fix your Houston house before … Continued