Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to fix anything to sell you my property?

When you sell your house to Good Neighbor Home Buyers you get to skip all of the repairs. Whether the property needs small repairs or larger repairs(roof, foundation, HVAC, etc...) Good Neighbor can present you with an offer not contingent on a home inspector's report.

Is there any obligation when I submit my info?

There is ZERO obligation to submitting your info to us and ZERO obligation to receiving your cash offer. We don't believe in high-pressure tactics to get you to work with us. What we do believe in is informing homeowners of their options with us. 

How fast can you buy my house?

Good Neighbor Home Buyers pays cash for all purchases so we can act extremely quickly in as little as 48 hours. With being a solution-based service we recognize there can and will be time-sensitive and complex situations we have to assist homeowners in. Paying in all cash allows us to skip the lenders, appraisers, surveyors, home inspectors that are mostly responsible for delaying purchases. 

When would I have to move?

You tell us when you have to move and we abide. 95% of the purchases we make we receive possession of the property at the closing date of your choosing. Special circumstances do arise where a seller will require a seller's temporary leaseback after closing to get their affairs in order before packing up and going to their new home. 

How do I get paid?

You get paid at closing through the 3rd party title company handling the transaction. Good Neighbor uses a legitimate 3rd party title company on all transactions so you can rest assured your home sale is being handled by competent professionals.

Do I need to cover any closing costs?

No. We cover everything. Plain and simple.

Do you purchase house in other states?

Currently, we only purchase houses in Texas. If you need to sell your house in another state we have great connections with other home buyers in:

Atlanta, Georgia

Washington D.C.

Warner Robins, Georgia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Birmingham, Alabama

New Orleans, Louisiana

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