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Houston has been home to Good Neighbor founder, Humberto Marquez, since 1996. When forming Good Neighbor one of his goals was to build a company that gave back to the community that he has lived the majority of his life in. It is our business to buy houses fast in Houston and we would be doing a disservice to this great city if we did not get involved in the community and its needs.

Most of our time is spent looking for Houston houses to buy, but when we are not looking for houses we are looking for opportunities to help. Do you know of anyone or a charitable event needing help and support? Let us know about it!

How can Good Neighbor give back?

Let us know how we support our community! It can be an individual person or big event, we would love to get involved!
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Good Neighbor’s new initiative will be providing school supplies to children in need. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of families have felt a very unexpected financial pinch that has added a lot of stress to their daily lives. One way we saw to help is providing school supplies to Houston children in need so we make sure they kick the upcoming school year off right! Coronavirus has slowed us down but if we work together as a community we can get back up and going better than before. If you know any low-income child that will be in need of supplies for school let us know by emailing Good Neighbor founder directly at

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Good Neighbor doing its part!

A Message From Our Founder

A core value of Good Neighbor is to help out the community. That is actually how the “Good Neighbor” name came to be. Sticking to this core value is a top priority for me and I chose this name to never forget it. I hope to grow Good Neighbor’s charitable footprint every year because I feel our community needs it and making an impact on an individual or family makes everything worth it. Let me know how Good Neighbor Home Buyers can get involved!

-Humberto Marquez

Humberto Marquez
Humberto Marquez
Founder – Good Neighbor Home Buyers