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5 Benefits of Selling a House for Cash in Houston

Is cash still king when selling your house? Is an all-cash offer really better? Selling your house for cash brings benefits that you can not get from a financed offer. Fortunately, you are doing your research beforehand and can make the best decision to take advantage of the benefits that make sense for you and your family. Read over these key points when asking yourself “should I sell my house for cash?”

Bonus: Find out at the end of the article how to sell your house for cash! 🙂

Save Time

I always say the most valuable resource we have is time, infinitely more valuable than money in my personal opinion. Moving quickly and saving time could be the biggest factor in your decision depending on your specific situation when deciding if you need to sell your house for cash.

Sell House Without Inspection

Failed home inspections can cause your offers to fall through the last minute. Cash home buyers like Good Neighbor offer the benefit to sellers of not needing a passed inspection report to purchase the home. Since bank financing is not needed, the need for an inspection goes out of the window because the cash buyer does not need to meet their strict requirements. This means you don’t have a home inspector knit-picking your property! Who wants that?!

Skip The Repairs

Don’t worry about any repairs when selling your house for an all-cash offer. In a traditional sale, the home inspection brings on a list of sometimes expensive needed repairs. So, since there is no inspection, there is no need for repairs. In a cash sale, the sale will be as-is.

Reduce The Stress

Selling your house for cash will significantly reduce the stress of your transaction. When you receive an as-is offer for your home you do not have to worry about everything lining up perfectly and going through to the finish line. Here are some things you will avoid when selling your house for cash:

  • Property appraisal meeting requirements

  • Inspection

  • Buyer credit approval from the bank

  • Buyer getting cold feet

  • Needed clean-up and repairs

  • Long negotiations

  • Buyer showings

  • Many more…

Save On Commissions And Fees

When selling your home the traditional way you as the seller will have an expense of 6-10% to cover selling costs. That will cover buyer and seller agent commissions and any fees you have to pay. When selling your house to Good Neighbor we cover all those costs for you. That means more money in your pocket!

Why Is A Good Neighbor All-Cash Offer Better?

With Good Neighbor, you have the benefit of still dealing with licensed agents while taking on ZERO of the cost. Good Neighbor Home Buyers buys houses as-is without the need for repairs. Receive an all-cash offer in 24 hours by filling out the form below or. calling a licensed agent at 281-713-3255. With Good Neighbor, you sell on your terms and you pick the closing date.

Good Neighbor buys Houston houses for cash. Sell your house fast while taking advantage of all the benefits of selling to a cash buyer. Fill out the form below or call us at 281-713-3255.

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