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Can I Sell My Houston House With a Judgement?

You need to sell your Houston house but there is a judgement against it? Let’s discuss what a judgement is, how it can affect your home sale, and the easiest way you can sell your Houston house fast. Even with a judgement the sale of your house is possible, before that, there is just a few things you have to know.

What is a judgement on a house?

If you have a judgement lien against your Houston house, it means someone has won a lawsuit against you and recorded it in your counties records. This type of lien is called a “nonconsensual lien”, which means the lien attaches to your property without your agreement. This type of lien can attach to your real estate, vehicles, or personal property. It is important to know the judgement lien only affects real estate in the county where the creditor recorded the lien. Having that judgment lien recorded means the creditor can forcefully and legally take away your Houston house if it chooses to. A judgement lien is a thorn on your side, it does not stop with what you own when it is filed, it will attach to anything you purchase after in the county where it was filed. If you are unsure if a judgment has been filed against you there are ways to find out.

Types of Judgement Liens on my Houston house

Non consensual lien types vary, some fall under federal law, others under state. Your type of judgement lien probably falls under these common reasons:

  • Bankruptcy

  • Child Support

  • Property Tax

  • Unpaid Creditor Debt

There are other reasons you can have one recorded against your Houston house but these are the most common. A judgement can make you feel like you have no way out, especially since the cost of selling a house is very high, but there are ways to go about it.

Selling a House with a Judgement

Yes, you can sell a house with a judgement against it! Selling your Houston house in any situation is simple if you know who to look for. The most important part is letting the buyer know that there is a judgement against the property so that they are not surprised before closing, this way the judgment debt can be worked out and satisfied to ensure a smooth sale for you. Selling your house with a lien probably also means you are selling your property in “as-is” condition, you are telling a buyer you will not be doing any requested repairs or maintenance to the property.

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