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Can I Sell My Ugly Houston House?

Do you know your house is ugly and want to sell it? Selling your ugly Houston house currently seems like a daunting task. You are probably thinking “why would anyone want to buy this ugly house?” or “how am I going to show this house in its current condition?”. I understand those worries and can see why you would think that way but selling your ugly Houston house can be easier than you think.

Who buys ugly Houston houses?

It is possible to sell your Houston house and not difficult at all. Investors will buy an “ugly” house so they can repair it for a short term flip or hold it as a long term rental. The reason it is not difficult at all anymore is because investors have done so many transactions now that they learned to streamline the process for both themselves as well as the seller(home-owner). Investors know time is money and if they can streamline the process they can see better returns. With the national average to flip a home being 180 days, every day counts for them.

When looking for someone to buy your ugly house in Houston you will have no shortage of suiters, you might even encounter a few “cold callers” tracking down your phone number and calling you out of the blue about selling your Houston house. Since flipping has become more popular in recent years it is important to separate the pros from the unprofessional, inexperienced “investors” just trying the latest “YouTube University” course on flipping houses with no money at all.

Good Neighbor Buys Ugly Houses

When looking for a professional Houston house buyer look no further than Good Neighbor. Good Neighbor is the trusted Houston home buyer and you will always be dealing with a licensed agent in the sale of your home. Selling your “ugly” house can be difficult with all the unnecessary noise of inexperienced investors so when you can deal with one that is licensed and willing to explain the process from start to finish, well that just makes things a lot easier. Did we mention you we pay all closing costs and you choose when to close? That’s right, when you sell your “ugly house” to Good Neighbor Home Buyers we close on your terms!

We do not care what condition your Houston house is in, or what repairs it needs. You would be surprised by some of the projects we take on so fill out the form below and get your 24 hours cash offer from Good Neighbor for your “ugly” Houston house!

Good Neighbor Home Buyers buys ugly houses in the Greater Houston area and various parts of Texas. If you need to sell your house fast contact Good Neighbor today for a ZERO-OBLIGATION cash offer.

“Good Neighbor, the trusted Houston house Buyer”

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