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Can You Sell A Condemned House?

Yes, you can sell your condemned house but there is a few things you need to know first…

What Is A Condemned House?

A condemned house is a building that is no longer fit to live in. A history of unsafe housing code violations can trigger the city to condemn a house. Once it is condemned, no one may live in the house until the owner has proven that the code violations have been fixed.

Can The City Condemn My House?

The city may condemn your house, however, they will have to go by proper procedures and their basis must be founded upon city statute or building code. There are two main reasons your house can become condemned:

  1. Public use

  2. Repeated unsafe code violations

Repeated unsafe coding violations are the most popular reason. When this house the property can no longer be sold as a structure. It will be sold as land minus the cost to tear down and remove the condemned house.

What Are the Code Requirements for Housing?

Code requirements vary by jurisdiction but most commonly include:

  • plumbing

  • hot water

  • ventilation

  • heat

  • light fixtures

  • safe electrical outlets

Anyone of these can trigger code violations and unwanted attention from the government. This will only lead to a possible condemnation of the house.

How To Sell My Condemned House

To sell your condemned house reach out to a licensed agent at Good Neighbor Home Buyers at 281-713-3255. Good Neighbor specializes in purchasing condemned houses from homeowners that want to sell and not worry about the repairs. We can give you a fair cash offer for your condemned house in 24 hours or less. You pick the terms and the closing date while we cover all fees and commissions so you do not have to. Fill out the form below and a Good Neighbor agent will happily reach out! 🙂

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