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Cheapest Way To Sell A House in Houston

To figure out the cheapest way to sell a house you have to first figure out which home selling expenses you can reduce or cut altogether. In today’s economy, the homeowners that need to sell their house are focused on one thing. That one thing is cutting expenses when selling their home. Find out what you can do to sell your house the cheapest way possible and at the conclusion of this article, we will tell you how you can sell your house at no cost to you at all!

What ways can you reduce the cost of selling your house?

Reduce Realtor Commissions

The digital era we live in today has facilitated cheaper ways to sell your house instead of the expensive traditional norms. When selling a home the biggest expense you will face is realtor commissions. Realtor commissions will cost you 6% of your sales price so if you do the math, this is a huge chunk of money not going into your pockets considering the average Houston home price is $260,000. This means if you were to sell your house for $260,000 you would have to pay $15,600 in realtor commissions alone.

So how can you not pay commissions when selling your house? If you truly want to find the cheapest way to sell your house you need to think outside the box. Like we said the emergence of the digital era has changed up the game and realtors are scrambling because homeowners do not need them like they used to anymore. Lately, realtors have been trying to find ways to bring value to the table and are now even offering to sell your house for a flat fee commission, They themselves know they aren’t needed by homeowners like they used to. Hiring a realtor for a flat fee can cut your average commission expenses from $15,600 down to $500-$1000. Those are huge savings that you can pocket when trying to find the cheapest way to sell your house. If you wish to get rid of all commission costs you can find your own buyer without listing on the market, like a professional home buyer, that will cover all sales commissions for you. Never pay commission costs when selling to a professional home buyer.

Skip Repairs and Renovations

Selling your house as-is another way to sell your house for the cheapest way possible. Whether your home is outdated or if it needs major repairs, those upgrades will cost tens of thousands to complete. Even if you do the upgrades they will not guarantee you sell your house in a timely matter or for the price you are hoping to get. Consider passing on repairs and renovations if you are trying to sell your house the cheapest way possible.

If you need a home buyer that will buy your house in any condition without repairs fill out the form below and we will give contact you promptly.

Cut Home Selling Closing Costs

These will take some hard negotiations when selling your house the cheapest way possible. If not negotiated properly in your favor closing costs can quickly add up and keep more money out of your pocket. Some closing costs are:

  • Title policy and insurance

  • Attorney fees

  • Property and transfer taxes

  • HOA fees

  • Escrow costs

  • Brokerage fees

If you are trying to avoid spending time negotiating closing costs all together consider calling us at 281-713-3255. Good Neighbor will pay all closing costs so you do not have to come out of pocket one cent.

Is Good Neighbor truly the cheapest way to sell my house?

Not only is Good Neighbor the cheapest, we can also be the fastest if you need us to be. Do not be fooled when other professional home buyers tell you there are no expenses to selling with them. Good Neighbor Home Buyers is the only home buyer in the Houston area that will truly cover all commissions and fees for you. Call 281-713-3255 or fill out the form below and a licensed Good Neighbor agent will give you a fair offer for your home in 24 hours or less. You pick the terms of the deal and the closing date and we deliver.

Good Neighbor Home Buyers is the cheapest way to sell your house. We buy houses and pay all fees and commissions, no negotiations needed on your part.

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