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How much does it cost to sell a house in Houston?

When selling your Houston house, what you’re thinking of is the sales price and what you will do with the money when you get it, but you also need to consider the selling cost of your Houston house. Not the entire sales price will go into your bank account so it is important to calculate your final cost to sale. We are here to answer how much does it cost to sell your house in Houston, Texas.

What would the selling cost be for my house?

By the end of the transaction, you will have somewhere between a 6%-10% cost to selling your Houston house from the sales price, meaning on a $200,000 sale you expect to pay up to $20,000. That is a huge amount that is going out of your pocket and into somebody else’s pocket. Here is an itemized break down of cost the seller typically takes on(these can be negotiated).

• Recording Fees • Title Insurance • Property transfer tax • Liens or judgements against the property • Repairs needed after buyer’s home inspection • Real Estate Agent commission fees

Property taxes and homeowners association dues are also closing costs but are split between buyer and seller. As you can see there are quite a few charges to account for when selling your Houston house.

Do I have to make repairs to sell my Houston house?

Do you know of any repairs needed in your house? In most cases, you will have to make repairs if you want the transaction to go through. While repairs are expensive, they will help the sale proceed, but keep in mind the return of investment for those repairs will be negative. Based on a report made by James Hardie only fixing your garage door will bring you a positive return when selling a house in Houston. Every other repair will lose you money when the transaction is done.

If you are not interested in repairs make it very clear to buyers you are selling your house in “as-is” condition. That will avoid wasting your time with buyers that will be wanting a flawless home to move into. Although the listing process can be greatly extended with an “as-is” listing, there are buyers that will buy Houston houses fast in any condition. Good Neighbor Home Buyers is one of those but they come with a few extra perks that will keep the entire sales price in your pocket!

Good Neighbor Home Buyers will keep more money in your pocket when selling your Houston house by:

  • Not charging you any fees or commissions

  • Paying all closing costs for the sale of your Houston house

  • Not requiring any repairs or cleanup of the property

  • Closing fast and on the date of your choice

This all means based on the previous example of a $200,000 sale price, you will be keeping an extra $20,000 and 100% of the sales price in your pocket!

In conclusion, selling your Houston house can be expensive when dealing with typical buyers. Good Neighbor is a professional Houston house buyer that has perfected home buying in a way to give the seller the most money in their pocket, because in the end that is the only number that matters, not the sales price.

Good Neighbor Home Buyers will buy your Houston house fast and for cash keeping the most money in your pocket and out of other’s pockets. Contact Good Neighbor by filling out the form below or calling a licensed agent today at 281-713-3255.

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