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How To Sell My Houston House To An Investor

When selling your house you have 2 options, sell to a traditional buyer who is looking to move in, or sell to an investor who is looking to either flip or rent out the house. While the traditional buyer might offer more money for the house, selling to an investor will pocket you more cash after the savings you will encounter by not paying any repairs, closing costs, and fees.

What is it like selling my house to an investor?

Selling your house to an investor is very easy when dealing with a REAL professional house buyer. A professional will explain the whole process, be completely transparent, answer all your questions, and most importantly will not try to pressure you into accepting an offer.

The best way to explain what it is like to sell your house to a professional home buyer is by comparing it to trading in your car for a new one. You can always try to sell the car yourself but it will require a lot more time and effort. Repairs and test drives will have to be done before selling and that is never fun to deal with. Think of selling your house to a professional as a way of selling without all the hassle and cost associated with selling a home.

How to find an investor to buy your house

You have noticed the “We Buy Houses” signs on intersections while waiting for a green light, received mail asking to buy your house, or maybe you have received random phone calls from a person or company identifying themselves as an “investor” asking if you are selling. This can raise red flags for homeowners since it seems very unprofessional and with scam artists using phones as one of their primary tools for fraud, it can leave you scared to make a decision on selling your home. Luckily for you, we have broken down how to recognize a real house buyer.

Calling a road sign or making a deal with somebody over the phone should be avoided or done with great caution if that is what you decide to do. Now with Google, it is a lot easier to find reliable businesses that we need. A real home buyer can be found with doing a simple Google Search.

This is a great way to find an investor to sell your house to since it will let you do your own research on the company before reaching out to them. You can answer or think of any questions you might have before contacting them to make it a smoother, stress-free process for you and your family.

Selling your house to the investor

After doing your due diligence on the professional house buyer and agreeing to an offer on your terms, it is time to close the deal. Remember, when selling to an investor, you are in the driver’s seat. A real investor should pay all of your closing costs, charge you ZERO fees, ZERO commissions, and will not try to force you into anything including accepting their offer or their choice of closing date.

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“A real investor should pay all of your closing costs”

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