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How To Terminate A Texas Realtor Listing Agreement

Is your real estate agent not working out? Sadly not all agents are created equal and you might find yourself working with an agent that just isn’t getting it done. This can cost you both time and money as your home sits on the market generating zero attention.

Reasons To Fire Your Texas Realtor

Bad communication between you and your Texas Realtor

If you are having a hard time communicating with your listing agent, chances are so are potential buyers(big reason to fire your Texas Realtor if you ask us). Selling a home can be very stressful for buyers and sellers so proper communication is key to keeping everyone calm and comfortable with the deal. You can lose out on a buyer if your realtor was not available to answer a crucial question from the buyer’s agent. While it should be a given that your realtor communicates effectively with you and prospective buyers ask him or her during your interview process before hiring to be on the same page about their availability.

Your Realtor does not have experience

Does your realtor seem clueless? Maybe your realtor is new or just works at this part-time. Whatever the reason is, it is not an excuse for poor performance. Realtors are compensated generously when selling your Texas house so poor performance is not an option. If your Texas realtor is not able to evaluate your property, market it effectively, and make the deal happen it might be time to terminate your relationship.

Bad Marketing By Your Listing Agent

EXPOSURE…..exposure is huge when selling your house for the most cash. If your agent is not in tune with the latest and best marketing tactics for your house you can be at a serious disadvantage. When selling your house in a large market like Houston you are against a lot of competition and your house needs to catch the buyer’s attention.

Did your Texas realtor use professional photography to list your home? Professional photography is very effective in generating “clicks” and higher offers. According to RISMedia homes with quality photos sell 32% faster and anywhere from $3,000 to $11,000 more. Your real estate agent should also be posting the property listing in as many places as they can like Zillow, Trulia, etc. A laid back marketing approach from a Realtor is a big reason to fire him/her. Set the expectations high in your initial meeting to make sure they are doing the most they can to sell your house.

How To Fire Your Texas Realtor

Of course, the easiest way to fire your Texas Realtor is to wait for the listing agreement expiration but what if you do not want to wait that long? Try to first have a conversation with your agent and talk to them about going your separate ways. Best case scenario he or she understands and you do not have to fire them the hard, complicated way. Below is a download to the Texas Association of Realtors form TAR-1410 (Termination of Listing). You can use this to cancel your Texas listing agreement.

Note-fees will likely be part of your termination to compensate your agent on their time and expenses.

Download PDF • 98KB

If that does not work, look over the listing agreement contract. This will let you identify the reasons that would make a listing termination acceptable. The contract should include clauses for termination that should help you get out of your listing agreement. If you do not have any luck with this then consider hiring an attorney to help with the cancellation of your listing agreement.

How To Sell Your Texas House Without An Agent

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