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Prayer To St. Joseph To Sell House Fast

Updated: Mar 29

The St. Joseph prayer to sell your house fast is believed to be very powerful in getting your house sold. With the St. Joseph prayer many families believe they have been able to sell their house in any condition even when they thought it would be impossible to be able to sell their home. This is how you can do the St. Joseph prayer to sell your home today.

St Joseph Prayer to Sell Home Origins

The tradition of burying a statue of St. Joseph finds its roots in the ancient Catholic custom of

burying blessed medals in the ground, invoking God’s blessing on the area. It is believed that it is the blessing, not the medal, which brings God’s power in selling your home.

This house selling prayer all started in the 16th century when a saint by the name of St. Teresa of Avila needed land for another convent, so she and her nuns buried medals of St. Joseph and prayed to him. It did not take long for them to get the land they needed to continue their work. Ever since then St. Joseph has been an intercessor between people and God in the matter of selling or buying property, more commonly known today as Real Estate.

Steps to St Joseph Home Selling Prayer

  1. Ask St. Joseph to intercede for you before the Lord for your request to sell your house.

  2. Bury a St. Joseph statue on the property you need to sell.

  3. After you successfully sell your house, make sure to bring the St. Joseph statue with you to your new home and place it in a place of honor.

If you need a small, cheap St. Joseph statue to sell your house follow the image below to purchase one directly from Amazon. With Amazon’s prime delivery you can have it as soon as tomorrow and be on your way to selling your house fast.

St Joseph Statue

This St. Joseph prayer to sell home kit comes with the following items:

  • Prayer Card

  • Prayer Instructions

  • Mini Shovel

  • Plastic Gloves

  • 3.6 inch St. Joseph Statue

Another Way To Sell Your Houston Houston House Fast

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The St. Joseph prayer for selling a house fast is growing increasingly popular because of the belief that it will get your house sold. For more information on selling your house fast contact Good Neighbor Home Buyers at 281-713-3255 or by filling out the form below.

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