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Sell a house with foundation damage in Houston

If you’re reading this you are probably thinking of selling your house in Houston. You probably also know or suspect foundation damage in your property. You might notice some cracks on the walls, or some doors and windows jamming among other things. Potential buyers will run fast when they pick up the slightest signal of an ailing house foundation.

Why are there foundation problems in Houston?

Foundation problems in Houston are incredibly common. You see the Houston area is dominated by a clay/soil mixture it does not do homeowners any favors . Clay and soil mixtures are horrible for foundations in both wet and dry conditions and can cause huge expenses for a homeowner when it comes time to fixing it to prevent damages from getting worse. Some common reason for foundation damage are the following:

  • Natural Settling: This is probably the most common not just in the Houston area but just about anywhere. While settling usually takes many years before you have to address it, first signs will be your home’s windows and doors not functioning like they should. When engineers were working on building your home they planned for settling as best they could but it almost impossible to predict exactly how the soil would perform.

  • Heaving: The wet season brings its own challenges to your Houston house. The clay mixtures your house is built on does a horrible job of draining water compared to rocky and sandy soils, instead, clay will “suck” in the water. This will cause the clay to expand and create uneven pressure under your foundation. This will lead to cracks and corners breaking off.

  • Voids: Well now that we have talked about wet season, dry spells in Houston can also cause problems. I have been living in Houston most of my life and know dry spells are not uncommon in the summer months. Clay will dry out during a dry spell and contract, creating empty spaces underneath your foundation. That will create a lack of support causing cracking that can lead to further damage.

  • Seepage: Cracks appearing in your house sound bad enough, but they will get worse if you let them. Even a small crack can grow into a bigger problem if left unattended when water and debris seep into those empty spaces creating bigger cracks than before. This will create a domino effect of damage on various important parts of your home like plumbing, walls, doors, windows, exterior walls, bricks to name a few.

What will it cost to fix in Houston?

The cost of repair for your Houston home varies depending on the damage. Foundation repairs can be typically anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000. An expert will have to do a full evaluation of your home before giving you a more concrete estimate. If damages are addressed early it can save a homeowner quite a bit of their hard-earned money.

Who will buy a house with foundation damage in Houston?

Yes, you can sell a damaged house in Houston, Texas. Most buyers will run away from purchasing a home with the slightest sign of a foundation issue, therefore causing stress to a seller with how long the property sits on the market while they hope it sells in its current condition. That being said Good Neighbor Home Buyers is not “most buyers”. We make it our business to purchase problem properties from sellers and make their selling process as easy as possible by not asking them to do any type of cleanup or repair, and that includes foundations. A large part the houses we purchase have some sort of foundation problem that has to be addressed, whether minor or major, we do not flinch when we see it. We will gladly take on those repairs while purchasing your Houston house fast and for cash.

Call Good Neighbor Home Buyers today at 281-713-3255 or send us a message to discuss the details of your Houston home and what you need from us. We buy houses in Houston with foundation problems and would love to speak to you!

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