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Should I Repair My Home Or Sell “As Is” in Houston

Selling your houses in Houston takes a lot of work, selling your house during this economic downturn takes even more work. A majority of the work is updating or repairing your Houston house before listing it on the market. Repairs will crucially affect the sale of your house. Should you fix your Houston house before selling?

Study the competition

In today’s economy, a Houston house needs to really stand out to sell. Sales in the area have been down 20% from a year ago and are showing no signs of recovering anytime soon. When deciding if you need to update your house before selling search online for recent nearby active and sold property listings. If the listings show updated homes without the need for many repairs it probably means you will need to update your Houston house to get a fair, timely offer. If you need any help with evaluating your Houston house you can contact us today by clicking the button below. We offer free, no-obligation evaluations to home-owners that want to receive a more detailed idea of their house’s worth.

If after assessing the neighboring listings you notice the other properties are in similar condition focusing on small, inexpensive cosmetic repairs would be wise. Homebuyers will knit pick your house when they are walking it, trust us, it is just in their nature to do so. This can generate you more offers than not when selling your Houston house.

Will the repairs to my Houston home be expensive?

Educated sellers weigh the cost of making repairs and improvements to the estimated market value after the repairs are completed. Remodeling Magazine’s 2020 Cost vs. Value Report for Houston found that only 1/22 of their studied updates or improvements brought back a positive return of investment for the seller. Those repairs and improvements will have to be made before a sale is finalized so that means coming out of pocket for them if you want to make them.

Of course, you always have the option to sell your Houston house in “as-is” condition. The bulk of sellers do not go this route because they are advised by not so experienced realtors that they need to make repairs to their Houston house for it to sell. You can find a buyer for your Houston house in need of updates even without a realtor by just knowing where to look.

Who will buy my Houston house without repairs?

Good Neighbor Home Buyers in Houston, Texas will purchase your Houston house without any repairs or updates. Good Neighbor is a professional home buyer meaning you will be dealing with a licensed agent, paying ZERO closing costs and commissions, closing on your terms. That means saving you thousands since there is no need for you to repair or clean your house and the average closing cost for a Houston seller being between 6%-10%.

Good Neighbor is able to do this because we have perfected our investing strategy to a point where we can save you money on the closing end of the transaction. Fill out the form below to receive your no-obligation fair cash offer for your Houston house.

Good Neighbor Home Buyers buys houses needing updates in Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas. We buy houses and provide a NO OBLIGATION 24-hour fair cash offers.

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