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Who Keeps The House in a Texas Divorce?

Divorce was never the plan when you became engaged with your current spouse, but now you see yourself searching what happens to a house in a Texas divorce. Family is priority but you also need to address who keeps the house in a Texas divorce…

Is Texas a Community Property State?

Texas is a community property state, that means almost all of the property acquired by both spouses during the marriage will be divided during a divorce. Dividing a Texas house is a lot easier said than done in a divorce. A house can not just be cut in half and split up so the court will consider which party is better to handle the expenses of owning a home on their own and who has a better ability to take care of the children, if there are any.

How Will The House Be Split In A Texas Divorce?

In most divorces, the property split is decided by the judge. Typically that is not an ideal scenario for at least one party if not both. Best thing you can do is to come to an agreement on how to split the so the judge does not decide for you. Keep in mind if the Texas house has a mortgage active, the court can not take either of the spouses name off. Instead what they will do is issue a court order on how to relinquish the house after the Texas divorce. The court will give an order like:

  • You have to sell the Texas house by set date…

  • If one of the parties is keeping the house, they will say you have a set amount of time to refinance the house…

If you need to sell your house by a set date consider selling to a professional home buyer

How Can I Sell My House Fast For Divorce?

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