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Why Is My Houston House Not Selling?

Ideally selling your house should be a clean and smooth process that can leave a feeling of accomplishment when everything is said and done, but if you are wondering why your Houston house is not selling then there is definitely a reason you are having trouble. This frustration you are feeling with your house not selling is only magnified if you are urgently needing to get rid of your property for whatever reason. Find out why your Houston house is not selling below…

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Your Realtor is not “selling” your house

Mainly there are 3 ways your realtor could be hurting your chances of selling your house:

They are not reaching out and making themselves available to answer prospective buyer’s questions.

When deciding on a realtor to sell your Houston house did you ask questions about their communication with other prospective buyer agents? When we at Good Neighbor are looking on the market for available properties, if we are interested in a house for sale the first thing we do is contact the realtor to ask questions we have. 8/10 times that realtor does not answer the phone, the next step is emailing them and even then we do not get replies very often. There might be a few reasons for them not answering like:

  • They’re working with a part-time realtor that has a primary job outside of real estate.

  • The Realtor is in a meeting(doesn’t excuse them not calling or emailing back).

  • Last but not least they just plain suck at communicating.

Whatever their reason is, it is irrelevant to you and your need to sell your house. You can be missing out on answering questions for real, serious buyers and they are moving on to buying other houses.

They are not marketing the property to their best abilities.

Another question to ask when wondering why your Houston house is not selling is: is your realtor marketing your property to the best of their ability? Is he/she putting it in front of as many eyes as possible or did they just list it on MLS and waiting for an offer to hit their email? When paying the expensive sales commissions you the seller are paying today ($18,000 on a $300,000 house) you should expect the realtor you hired to be working and communicating daily with buyers.

They did not help you price your house right.

As someone that hire a realtor to sell your house you are relying on them to advise what price your house will go in today’s erratic market. The realtor has to know that “sweet spot” that your house will sell for in a timeframe that is in your best interest. This is where having an experienced realtor is crucial, price the house too high and it will sit on the market for a long time. That only makes things worse because when buyers see high days on market they think something is wrong with the house and that makes them lose interest. Now with the opposite of pricing the house too low, you could potentially be leaving thousands of dollars. Again, this is why it is crucial for your realtor to find that “sweet spot” price. Get a free home evaluation from us here.

Asses your realtor to figure out why your Houston house is not selling.

The house needs improvements to sell

Buyers are looking for a forever home. Most do no want to deal with making improvements after moving so they expect perfection. Buyers are tough critics when looking over your home so they will notice almost everything, and if they do get serious about purchasing the property, the inspector they hire sure won’t miss any needed improvements. This can also look really bad to other buyers when your house goes from “under contract-pending” back to “active” after a buyer backs out of the deal. If this happens several times then you are a serious disadvantage.

Your house is outdated

With millennials expected to buy the most houses in 2020, a big reason as to why your Houston house is not selling is the need for updating. Millennials have very modern, simplistic design tastes so that is what is your house needs to have to sell, if not it will not sell fast. Consider updating your property before selling to get top dollar in today’s market. Just look at the pictures above, you can easily see that the updated house will not be an issue to sell. While rehabbing your property can be costly, the return on investment you will have after your house sells should make it worth it.

Bad market timing to sell your house

Sometimes if your [market_ city] house is not selling it could just plain and simply boil down to bad market timing. There is no way to predict this or to have prepared and its just bad timing. Figure out the current state of the market, is it a buyer or a seller’s market? In a buyers market, you will have very few buyers looking for a new home but not enough homes for sale. In a seller’s market, you will have a lot of buyers and not enough homes for sale. Ask your realtor what kind of market you are currently in, they should know. If they don’t know you might need to question their expertise.

Luckily for you none of these reasons for why your Houston house is not selling matters to Good Neighbor Home Buyers…

Good Neighbor buys houses in any condition

When your Houston house is not selling contact Good Neighbor. We are a professional home buyer with licensed agents and we specialize in buying houses in any condition. That means we will give you a cash offer on your house in 24 hours or less. When you sell your house to Good Neighbor Home Buyers you set the terms of the deal and pay ZERO closing costs, ZERO commissions, and ZERO fees. Being one of the few home buyers in the Houston area that uses licensed real estate agents you can sell your house with the confidence that you are selling to a legitimate company without the need to pay any fees.

If your Houston house is not selling contact Good Neighbor Home Buyers by filling out the form below or call us at 281-713-3255. We buy houses in any condition and give you a no-obligation cash offer in 24 hours or less.

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